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Araya Pathwalker

UPDATE 11/25/2013: We are posting our newest creations on our  Esty Store page, please visit by going to: https://www.etsy.com/shop/TheArayaGallery

It is my pleasure to invite you to the online presentation of  many of my diverse passions and creative energies. I have been a Karuna Reiki Master for over 18 years, art teacher and working designer/ artist for over 40 years. I am a Native Californian, have traveled lived in such beautiful places  in the Western U.S including Maui, currently living on the beautiful Big Island .I have acquired a BA in Art from Cal State Fullerton, exploring ways in which creativity can become physical form through observation, imagination and focus. I use only quality materials to create one-of-a-kind pieces in a variety of mediums, materials and techniques. These Include canvas and welded sculpture, inrticate watercolor on both paper and silk, weaving, on and off loom, leather and paper mache masks, molded leather work and beadwork with gems/stones, and shells, which is the main product I am currently selling at most shows and galleries.

I find inspiration by allowing form and light to dance and integrate with color and design, hence the magical blend that reflects a certain orchestration to create a final piece often with a healing energy...hence healing journey jewelry. What you are about to see is an on-going process and evolvement of years of the love of creation, ever changing and developing in the way and what I create. There are always additions here... hence this web site still is in constant construction. I often have much more and newer pieces(jewelry) with me as I travel to art shows, so if you see something you like, it may not be currently available, but I can create something similar or send you photos of my current stock.
I have traveled South for the Winter(AZ) then back up in the northwest for the Summer.I have relocated to Hawaii and plan to stay here except for occassional trips back to the maildna to visit family.

As for the sculptures,some of this work is already in place in office buildings, or in private collections, while others are available for sale or special order.

SCHEDULE:This is for those who want to find me or at least know where I will be to purchase/order a piece from me directly or just to say "Hi!" I will attempt to put in my schedule as often as I am able...it is often Last minute,or within a weeks notice if I am lucky and sometimes I am not able to get into a show or event. Check in or contact me @ my e-mail...arayalght@gmail.com...Aloha

Aug 23-...update I am currently staying in Portland and the Coast.I will no longer be at the Saturday Market in Portland. If you need to contact me while in Portland or want to see my work for a private showing or a trunk show before the end of Oct, please contact me directly.

Dec.2011- I am in the process of moving back to Hawaii, and will be continuing my work there. If you want to know where I am keep checking this page and of course I will update what/when I am able to add to this collection.   Mahalo 

 I have begun to settle on the Big Island. My shows are small venues and willcontinue to work on this web site. The following galleries have my work









                                 SHOW VENUES

Jan 21,2012         Hawi,HI  Farmers Market under the Banyon Tree             7AM-1PM

Jan 28                   Hawi,HI  Farmers Market under the Banyon Tree             7AM-1PM

Feb   26                 Sheraton Hotel    Kailua/Kona                                                   9AM-6PM

March 10              Hawi,HI -Farmers Market under the Banyon Tree             7AM-12 PM

April 21                  Hawi,HI -Farmers Market under the Banyon Tree             7AM-12 PM

April 28                  Hawi,HI -Farmers Market under the Banyon Tree             7AM-12 PM

 June 23                  Hawi,HI -Farmers Market under the Banyon Tree             7AM-12 PM

June 30                    Hawi,HI -Farmers Market under the Banyon Tree             7AM-12 PM

July 6                        Hood River First Friday                                                           5PM8PM

July 8                         Astoria Oregon Sunday Market                                         8 AM-3PM

Oct 6                         Kohala country Fair(made in Kohala tent)                         9AM-6PM

Oct 21                      Kailua Stroll-Historic Village-Alii Dr                                     1PM-6PM

Feb 17                      Kailua-Kona Stroll                                                                     1-6PM

July 20 2013           Mango Festival -Sheraton -Kona                                            10-5PM

July 21                      Kailua Kona Village Stroll (#49)                                             1-6PM

Dec 1                          Green Market in So. Kona/Capt Cook                                   9-2